Importance of Regular Dental Visits


How often should you visit your dentist?

A very common question asked by many people. According to Australian Dental Association (ADA) you should visit your dentist every 6 months though after few visits to your dentist this interval may be varied. “You should have a dental check-up every 6 months, but some people may not need to go so often and others may need more frequent checks” NHS, UK.

Most of the oral and dental problems, from cavities in your teeth to gum disease or any other sinister mucosal issues, are painless in the early stages. Often it is seen that on regular check-ups your dentist may find some cavities in your teeth or some inflammation in your gums though you are completely unaware of those issues. If you do not visit your dentist regularly, these problems may keep progressing unaddressed to the point where treating them needs much more effort, on both you and your dentist’s part and involve significantly higher cost as well. You may be surprised to know that tooth decay in its early stages is reversible. Your dentist may take necessary actions and have some meaningful discussion with you to help revert it or halt its progression. For expectant mothers, preventing oral problems is of paramount importance. Gum disease during pregnancy is linked to an increased risk of preterm birth and also leads of low birth weight of the baby. It is important to have healthy gums and teeth if you are planning a pregnancy.

Most of the oral problems are linked to poor oral hygiene yet people who are good brushers and flossers still need to see dentist regularly. Minutes after we have brushed our teeth, plaque starts to build up and that can still cause dental problems. Secondly, the tartar that naturally builds up on our teeth can only be professionally cleaned.

Several studies have shown that bacteria from our mouth can cause infection and inflammation in several other parts of our body and encourage diabetes and heart disease.

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