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Dental emergencies can become critical if they are not tended to. If you are facing such a situation, you need to see an emergency dentist North Brisbane who will be able to get you out of the misery. While regular dental appointments are hard to get, an emergency dentist ensures that you do not have to wait long. At Sandgate Bayside Dental, we prioritize emergencies so that you do not have to bear discomfort or pain caused due to any dental emergency. Our clinic is the best bet when a dental emergency arises.

What can we do for you?

Apart from offering the best dental care services in and around Sandgate, we are the go-to emergency dentist Brighton. We take care of several dental emergencies that may arise on different occasions. Some of the common emergencies that we treat are:

Broken tooth – Accidents can happen anytime. And when they do, you can have a broken teeth. Teeth can also crack due to excess grinding, sports injuries, and even fights. Whatever the cause, a broken tooth is a nasty business and needs immediate care. That is where our emergency dentist north Brisbane comes in. They help prevent infection and restore the tooth to its original condition.

Bleeding gums – Blood oozing from your gums is not a pretty sight and it is dangerous for your dental health. Immediate dental care is needed to determine the root cause.

Toothache – A common dental emergency that affects almost everyone sometimes or the other is a toothache. Toothache can be agonizing and the only way to get rid of it is to see an emergency dentist North Brisbane who will treat you dental problems promptly.

Broken or lost crowns or veneers – If you lose or break or teeth veneers or crowns, you may have a problem with your teeth aesthetics. Do not worry as our experienced emergency dentist Brighton can solve the problem very quickly.

Broken filling – If your dental filling has come off, you must see a dentist immediately. Open tooth tissue can cause pain if not treated right away.

What makes us the best emergency dentist North Brisbane?

With so many options around you, choosing the right dentist for your dental emergency may seem to be a tough job. Well, we don’t just make claims to be the best dentist in the area; we have proved ourselves to be the best. What sets us apart is:

  • Our zeal and dedication towards our duties
  • Experience of more than 25 years in offering dental care
  • Use of state-of-the-art medical equipment
  • Adherence to the best dental care practices
  • Quick appointment for dental emergencies
  • Affordable payment options
  • Convenient location
  • Easy and free parking facilities

We at Sandgate Bayside Dental try to provide immediate care to anyone with emergency dental issues. Our doctors have special slots for emergency cases so that you do not have to wait to see a doctor in case of an emergency. So, when the need arises, just give us a call to book an appointment and our emergency dentist north Brisbane will be ready to see you.

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