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Dental Implants Brisbane

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Dental implants

What are Dental Implants?

  • A dental implant is a replacement tooth/root and is made up of Titanium.
  • It is placed in the jaw replacing the missing tooth and serves a similar purpose as the root of a natural tooth does to support the tooth top.
  • The dental implant further has an attachment which attaches the implant with the tooth crown.
  • When two or more implants are placed to support multiple teeth joined together they form an implant supported bridge.

Want to discuss the possibility of replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, Call us on 07 3269 2443 or Book In with your Sandgate dentist (Quote “Implant 74” for a free consult).

Benefits of having dental Implants?

  • As is obvious, a dental implant will replace missing tooth/teeth.
  • It can improve your chewing efficiency, fill in the gap in your smile, improve esthetics, help improve your phonetics, prevent bone from resorbing, prevent neighbouring teeth from tipping over and help protect the overall bite.
  • Multiple dental implants are at times placed to support your removable denture and hence increases its retention, as is direly needed in some cases.
  • A fixed replacement of all the teeth can be done with the help of few implants.

Is the implant procedure painful?

  • As with any other dental procedure you would be numbed. After that you wouldn’t feel any pain.
  • Being a pre-planned procedure, dental implant placement goes much more smoothly than many other dental procedures including taking some stubborn teeth out.
  • Post-operatively you can have some discomfort which can be eased off with simple over the counter painkillers.
  • Overall the whole procedure and the post operative healing is much simpler and faster than most people would imagine.

Discuss the entire procedure with your dentist at Sandgate Bayside Dental and confidently raise any concerns that you may have.

Dental Implants in Jaw

How do dental implants work?

  • When an implant is placed in the jaw bone, the bone starts to form on its surface.
  • In a couple of weeks the bone heals and fuses with the implant, creating a strong and durable connection.
  • This whole process is called osseointegration and is the key to the entire concept of dental implants. 

How long have dental implants been in the market?

  • Dental implants have been in the market for several decades. Titanium has been found to be the most biocompatible material and hence the material of choice for manufacturing dental implants.
  • Since the 1970s thousands of research articles have been published, immensely improving the implant design and properties.
  • All that research means that the dental implants in the concurrent market are manufactured to the highest standard giving us the peace of mind. 

Process of Dental Implants

Step 1

  • Initial Consultation
  • 3D Dental CT Scan and Impressions of your teeth

Step 2

  • Under local anaesthetic
  • Implant placement – Preplanned
  • Minimal recovery time

Step 3

  • Few months for integration
  • Assessment for stability
  • Place abutment

Step 4

  • Final crown placement
  • Implant is ready to function
  • Review

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to have the tooth out. How long do I have to wait before getting the dental implant?
  • Are dental implants better than having dentures?
  • Are dental implants expensive?
  • I can only pay a certain amount every fortnight/week. Do you offer any payment options?
  • How long do dental implants last?
  • What can I do to take care of my precious new tooth?
  • What if I am a smoker?
  • What if my previous dentist advised me I don’t have enough bone for an implant?
  • I am absolutely terrified of the dentist. What can I do?
I want to have the tooth out. How long do I have to wait before getting the dental implant?
  • It varies from case to case.
  • From immediately after the extraction waiting 10 to 14 weeks are common options.
Are dental implants better than having dentures?
  • Dentures are removable replacements for teeth whereas implants are fixed and permanent.
  • Implants prevent jaw bone from resorbing away.
  • Implants are the closest simulation of your natural teeth.
Are dental implants expensive?
  • Over the last few years the cost of dental implants have come down significantly.
  • The initial cost of having a dental implant is greater than having a denture.
  • If looked after and maintained well, however, a lot of implants last a lifetime, making the long term cost much more affordable.
I can only pay a certain amount every fortnight/week. Do you offer any payment options?
  • We offer payment plans.
  • Our payment plans are interest free.
  • Payments can be spread over 6 – 24 months.
  • Application process is easy.
  • Afterpay, Zip, Denticare and Humm.
How long do dental implants last?
  • Dental implants are long lasting and durable restorations.
  • Dental implants can last forever under the right maintenance and care.
  • Most dental implants will last 10+ years.
What can I do to take care of my precious new tooth?
  • Your dental hygiene is the single most important deciding factor in the longevity of your dental implant.
  • Poor oral hygiene can lead to loss of the surrounding bone and localized infection and in the long run failure of the dental implant.
  • Visit your dentist every 6 months (or as decided with your dentist) for a check up and scale & clean.
  • At home, follow a strict oral hygiene regime.
What if I am a smoker?
  • Smoking impairs wound healing and leads to a high percentage of failure of the dental implants.
  • Quit smoking before you get an implant placed. This is an essential step towards the long term success of the dental implant.
What if my previous dentist advised me I don’t have enough bone for an implant?
  • It is quite common to see lack of enough bone to place an implant.
  • Fortunately, high grade bone grafts can be placed around the dental implant.
I am absolutely terrified of the dentist. What can I do?
  • We are considered the gentle dentists of Brisbane. Our patients have tested us over time and have shown faith in us. But if you are really anxious/terrified, you have a few sedation options to choose from. 

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At Sandgate Bayside Dental, our dentists are well trained and highly experienced in carrying out this procedure at the highest level of precision.

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