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If you fear going to the dentist, you are not alone. Dental phobia leaves people panic-stricken and terrified. Most people with dental phobia have had bad dental experiences and they can’t do much to get rid of those memories. If anxiety stops you from seeking dental treatment there are ways to help you cope.

What is sleep dentistry?

  • Asleep and relaxed, fully unaware of what treatment is being performed, you’ll leave the dental office with no memories.
  • Performed by an expert anaesthetist and our gentle dentist, you will be fully looked after.
  • Contact us today to organise a consultation and understand how it works or Book Online

How common is having anxiety before dental visit?

  • Dental fear/anxiety approximately affects 36% of general population, with around 12% of people suffering from extreme dental anxiety ( So, you are not alone.
  • We are the gentle dentists of Brisbane, trusted by generations of families. We will look after you.

How will sedation dentistry help me?

  • If you suffer from fear of dental treatment or are afraid of needles, have difficulty in going numb to the dental anaesthetic, have strong gag reflex, sedation is the way to go.
  • If you need significant amount of dental treatment, you may be able to avoid having multiple visits by getting all the work done while asleep in a single sitting

Will I be in safe hands?

  • Rest assured, you will be treated with utmost care.
  • As gentle dentists of Brisbane, we look after every patient of ours with diligence.
  • Our dentist and anaesthetist are highly experienced in treating patients with anxiety and fear.
  • At every step of your journey, you will be supported by experienced staff in the practice.

Sedation Options at Sandgate Bayside Dental

What happens in sleep dentistry in Brisbane?

  • The practice would have done all the preparations for the procedure way before your appointment.
  • The sedation dentist and the anaesthetist will very carefully put you to sleep.
  • You are lightly conscious and can respond to verbal commands but you can’t feel anything.
  • After the treatment, you won’t have any memory of the procedure.
  • You may feel the whole process has finished in minutes.
  • You must be accompanied by a responsible adult who could look after you for the day and you must not drive a motor vehicle.

How can I organise to be treated under sedation?

  • Call us or Book online.
  • Once you attend your first visit for a consultation, your dentist will discuss with you about your fear and anxiety.
  • A comprehensive dental check-up once performed, will give us information on the treatment you need.
  • You will be given the options for sedation and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions to the dentist.
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What are the options for sedation/sleep dentistry?

Oral Sedation

  • Oral sedation is a form of tablet that your dentist or GP could prescribe you and you can take it sometime before your dental appointment and that will relax you and will reduce your anxiety.
  • You will be fully awake though.
  • You will need to be escorted to and from the practice and will need someone to be with you for next 24 hours.
  • This is a very mild form of sedation and not suitable for people who have serious anxiety.

Happy gas

  • Happy gas can be administered to you to relax and comfort you and get a stressful procedure done.
  • It is safe to be administered in most cases, and is readily available in our practice.
  • You will be fully conscious of your surroundings but relaxed to some degree.

IV Sedation

  • A form of sedation that can be performed in the dental practice under the supervision of our anaesthetist.
  • This form of sedation needs planning and coordination between the practice staff and the dental sedationist.
  • If you have serious dental anxiety/phobia, this is the way to go.
  • You will not have any memory of the procedure.
  • You can go home straight after the procedure under the supervision of a responsible adult.

General Anesthesia (In hospital)

  • GA, as is more commonly said, it is performed in the hospital. You will be fully unconscious.
  • For patients with severe dental anxiety, both options of in-dental practice IV sedation and hospital GA will give utmost anxiety control and no memory of the procedure.
  • If you or your loved one experiences dental phobia, talk to us. Our dentists are highly experienced and very accommodating

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you be sedated for dental work?
  • Is sedation dentistry safe?
  • Is sedation dentistry covered by Medicare or health insurance?
  • What is the cost of sedation/ Is sedation dentistry expensive?
  • Does sedation dentistry really work?
  • How does IV sedation dentistry work?
  • Is sedation dentistry worth it?
  • Who does sedation dentistry near me?
  • Can you drive after sedation dentistry?
  • Sedation dentistry for root canals?
  • I have high blood pressure. Can I be sedated for my dental treatment?
  • Do you have affordable options for sedation?
  • What is the difference between general and sedation dentistry?
  • What are the after effects of sedation dentistry and what after care is needed?
Can you be sedated for dental work?
  • Yes, you can.
  • Read from the beginning and you will find the information and options that will help you.
Is sedation dentistry safe?
  • Yes, it is. As with any procedure, there are risks involved but keep in mind, you will be under supervision of expert anaesthetists and dentists.
Is sedation dentistry covered by Medicare or health insurance?
  • To some extent, yes. Medicare gives you some cover and again that varies with situation.
  • When you discuss your situation with our anaesthetist, you will know more about it.
  • Dentistry itself, is not covered by Medicare but you can claim on your health fund, if you have one.
What is the cost of sedation/ Is sedation dentistry expensive?
  • There are options with sedation and not every option suits everyone, so it is best that you come in for a consult and discuss this before deciding what to do next.
Does sedation dentistry really work?
  • Yes, it does. As mentioned above there are options available and depending on the level of you anxiety, you can choose from different options
How does IV sedation dentistry work?
  • Performed by our expert anaesthetist, sedation in dental office means you don’t feel a thing.
  • You don’t remember what treatments were done hence you don’t take any experiences of the treatments carried out.
Is sedation dentistry worth it?
  • Ask our patients who couldn’t do their dental visits without it. For people who need it, it is really worth.
Who does sedation dentistry near me?
  • Search your local area, but if you are near us or can travel to us, we are the practice you need. We do all kinds of sedation/sleep dentistry. Talk to us.
Can you drive after sedation dentistry?
  • No, for most of those options we’ve mentioned above.
  • You can drive after getting happy gas though. It is still good to have someone be with you for the day.
Sedation dentistry for root canals?
  • Yes, you can be sedated to have root canal treatments in the dental office.
I have high blood pressure. Can I be sedated for my dental treatment?
  • Yes, you maybe. You should be seeing your GP regularly if you have any medical condition.
  • Our anesthetist will assess you before carrying out any procedure.
Do you have affordable options for sedation?
What is the difference between general and sedation dentistry?
  • Sedation dentistry is performed in the dental office while General anesthesia is performed in hospitals. Both are performed by expert anaesthetists.
What are the after effects of sedation dentistry and what after care is needed?
  • Sedation dentistry would not leave any after effects.
  • You would need to be under adult supervision for the day and based on what dental treatments you had, you may need a day or two off from work.

Dental Sedation – North Brisbane

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