Missing teeth? What to do?


Missing teeth? Why bother?

We get two sets of teeth, baby teeth and adult teeth. We lose our baby teeth by the age of around 11-14 years of age and those teeth are replaced by adult teeth. After that age if we lose a tooth we don’t get a new one.

Interesting fact – About 90% of all tooth loss is due to dental decay and gum disease and both those problems are preventable or controllable for most part. So visiting your dentist regularly can help you prevent both these problems and in turn saves you from losing your teeth.

Missing teeth bring with it a lot of issues. An obvious gap in your smile can make you retract from the society and It can affect your chewing ability which in turn has been linked to poor overall health. Once teeth are taken out, rest of the teeth around the gap lose the support and start drifting. This in turn throws out the balance and affects your whole bite. Most of the people don’t realize this as this is a slow process and doesn’t cause any pain/symptoms but by the time you realize it’s too late.

What to do if you have teeth missing?

Missing teeth should be replaced at the earliest. Full or partial dentures are a replacement option for replacing few missing teeth especially for elderly and people who have complex medical issues or are chronic smokers. All these conditions do preclude people from having the most common replacement option of having dental implants. Dental implants are a fixed way of replacing teeth and are getting more and more popular these days. Another treatment option is to put a fixed dental bridge with the support of your adjacent teeth. Your Brisbane dentist at Sandgate Bayside Dental will perform these types of dental restorations to replace your missing teeth and in turn will improve your appearance, functionality and confidence.

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