Do you suffer from Bad Breath?


Do you suffer from Bad Breath?

Bad breath or ‘halitosis’ is relatively common. It is common on waking, usually due to low salivary flow and lack of oral cleansing during sleep. This can be rectified by eating, rinsing the mouth with water and oral hygiene. Other causes of self-limiting halitosis include certain foods like garlic, onion, spices, and smoking and taking alcoholic beverages. 

Halitosis is caused by a group of bacteria that live in your mouth, throat or your digestive system. These bacteria commonly feed on protein which is found in the meat, fish and dairy products that you eat. As the bacteria break down the protein, they release a waste product, sulphur, which causes bad breath. The more these bacteria multiply and feed, the worse your breath will smell.

Sounds pretty disgusting, right?

Don’t worry. Sandgate Bayside Dental has the latest cutting-edge technology to diagnose whether you suffer from bad breath or not, and if you do where in your mouth does it originate from. 


In the last few years, we have had people travel from all over Queensland and northern New South Wales to get their breath tested. Most of these people have suffered from bad breath all their life and have been told (or indicated) by their family and friends about their bad breath. Despite doing everything right for years they still are not clear whether it’s just in their head or they really and truly suffer from halitosis. 

Won’t a machine which can objectively test the bad breath and is not biased like human nose be a great idea?

Oral Chroma – The machine that detects and measures bad breath. Sandgate Bayside Dental is one of the only dental practices in Queensland which has this cutting-edge technology. Book in with Sandgate Bayside Dental to get tested today!

Bad Breath Treatment

The first, and often the hardest step for many people in getting treatment for their bad breath is how to decide where to go to get the bad breath checked. If you have stumbled over our website and are now aware of our bad breath technology, you can book in for the assessment. Once you’re booked in you just need to remember – for an accurate reading you mustn’t eat, drink or smoke (or chew chewing gum) for 4 hours before the appointment. You may drink water up until 1 hour before your appointment. Avoid putting lip stick, deodorant, perfumes etc. 

When you come in, we will ask you to fill in a lengthy Questionnaire which can help us in the diagnosis of your problem.

The Breath Test is very simple and easy to do. We put a syringe (there is no needle attached) into your mouth while you breathe normally through your nose. It stays in your mouth for a minute then we suck up the Breath sample which is then injected into the Oral Chroma Breath Testing Machine. It takes about 5 minutes to analyse the sample after which we can show you the results and even print them out for you to take home.

The Oral Chroma or simply known as “The breath testing machine”

The Oral Chroma tests for 3 Volatile Sulphur Gases all of which are the end products of bacterial metabolism;

  1. Hydrogen Sulphide. The bacteria which grow on the upper surface of your tongue generate this gas. It smells like rotten eggs. The removal of these bacteria can be achieved in mild cases with tongue scraping or brushing. In more severe cases a probiotic is needed as well.
  2. Methyl Mercaptan. The bacteria which grow round the gums generate this gas. It smells like faeces. The removal of these bacteria is achieved, again in mild cases, with a complete removal of calculus (tartar) by the Dentist or Hygienist, and daily at home use of floss or interproximal brushes as well as thorough at home brushing. In more severe cases a probiotic is again needed.
  3. Dimethyl Sulphide. The bacteria that generate this gas grow round the throat, sinuses and nasal passages. A sinus rinse can help, a probiotic can help and you possibly may need to see an ENT Specialist if we can’t resolve the problem using the sinus rinse or probiotic.

Probiotics for the mouth..

One of the miracles of the Bad Breath Treatment is the use of the K Force Probiotic developed by Blis Technologies. Blis is a New Zealand company that commercializes research that has been conducted at the University of Otago over the last 30 years.

The Probiotic we use is a Blis product and it uses particular strains of a bacteria that everyone has in their mouth, Streptococcus Salivarius. Blis have isolated particular strains of Strep Salivarius and these strains produce enzymes: Salivaricin A and Salivaricin B which under the right conditions, will replace bacteria that produce Bad Breath and Halitosis. We will reproduce these laboratory conditions when we treat your Bad Breath.

Contact us online or call our friendly reception team on 07 3269 2443 to book in an appointment today. 

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